March 2013 and a new Pope

Hi, I think this may be my last post, I just need to move on I think. I believe many of you are out there in the cold and remote. Maybe you liked it, maybe not. I think a change is coming, at least I hope it is. Change is usually good even though we rarely embrace it with zest. No one likes change because of the unknown factor, will it be better or worse or just the status quo, but with new players.

I’m catholic, which from your perspective would make me hum drum at best. My church, with all its failings, is out for all to see and it has lots to be critical of. But there is goodness there in the people. Many inspired, with a true love of God, many just going along for the ride.

The pope retired this last week, one of the things he said was that at times he felt like Jesus was asleep. I think the passage he was referring to was when Jesus was on the boat sleeping and the wind picked up and the sea got rough. The disciples were worried they could perish in the storm. So they woke Jesus and He commanded the wind to stop and the waves to diminish.

Its been tough for the Pope, the church has been rocked by scandal, then, just of late people in his own inner circle seemed to betray him, lies, stories, more dirt being thrown on the highest levels of the leadership of the church. A house divided I guess, at least somewhat.

But the gospel story is telling, the disciples were afraid, they were weak in their faith, and panicking because Jesus wasn’t waking up and I think they were thinking He should cause they might be going down.

I think the Pope had that same frustration, so he referred to it in his talk, and he was disappointed at what was going on in his church. The Pope however still seems to have his faith in the Lord, and as we know from the gospels, when they awakened Him, everything turned out ok.

I think its the same today as it was then, for me, you and the Pope or retired Pope as the case may be. We have to pray and ask for God to do things, we have to bring things, be it an issue, a person, a situation, whatever, to God. We may not know how it will turn out, and there can be breakage along the way. This is the case for my church right now, but there is hope, for me, you and everybody. If we dare to awaken Jesus and ask, if we awaken ourselves and let us be the instruments of God’s love, things will get better, we just need a little faith sometimes.

We know so little about the physical world and even less about the spiritual world. But I’m thinking you can sense or feel the connections. That connection to the earth, very physical, and the connection to God and the connections to each other. We have many of those, but on the spiritual plane, we have some. We seem to only be able to capture glimpses of it, from time to time, but its there. We may just write it off as dreams or day dreaming, but some are vivid and meaningful.

Some of you are in trouble, you’ve been lied to and misled, but take heart, this will get better. Your awakening has begun, the demise of the leadership is starting and the unraveling will be over in the not too distant future.

If you have been waiting for something to happen, then pay attention to your own leadership, watch what they do. They have to figure out how to keep you there so new lies are about to surface, and I’m sure its because you guys screwed it all up.

Read Galatians, all of it, believe it, trust it. It may be time to get away from those that can’t or just won’t leave. If you see the truth, then you already left, pray, ask for help, seek out assistance, I know you’ll find it.

I think you will see the leadership for what they are, lying opportunists. Keep in mind, time is running out on them, they are getting old, and they will find out they will need to account for what they have done.

I will continue to pray for you from time to time, hoping you left and are on a healthy course. We all struggle, we all need help from time to time, but God is there.

Awaken within yourself, put yourself in the presence of the Lord, lay it out to Him, open your heart to Him. I don’t think you will be disappointed, He can do marvelous things, really, I’ve seen it. I hope, I trust and I believe, I pray you will too. Read Galatians, I think you’ll like it.


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